Superman: Yesterday and Tomorrow

written by adam on January 28, 2013 in ADAM THINKS and Featured with no comments The Man of Steel

As some of you know, Superman is my favorite fictional character. Ever. In particular I’ve been a great fan of his multimedia iterations; from film to animation to TV series and more. Per that, with a new big budget film coming out in just a few months (June 4! mark your calendar!) I’ve been eagerly searching new imagery / news on this film.

Today, “Empire Magazine” released an upcoming cover image; and sweet lord if it didn’t immediately remind me of an old shot of George Reeves. In my memory, the first live-action Superman I saw wasn’t Christopher Reeve, but the  1950′s George Reeves instead. I could care less if he wore a muscle suit or not under the costume, with the authority and dignity he brought to the role, his Superman portrayal does, and should, stand the test of time.


Supermen of Steel




That said, I like to think I can be open to new things, and the 2013 movie costume has truly grown on me. Plus, Cavill brings the right gravitas to the role, at least in publicity photos, and I’m quite eager to see how it comes together on screen. Until that time comes, it’s been great fun to see the below image of the two Superman separated by a good 50 years. As a fan? it’s quite enjoyable to see how similar they look when it comes down it. Hopefully this new Superman will be a lasting interpretation that 50 years will still feel relevant.